nerd!stiles and jock!derek




nerd!stiles and jock!derek


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New Republican ad came out today which gave me the best reaction image I’ve ever seen.


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For Hannah

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Those lines were lifted verbatim from my boyhood diary.

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Fan: So I was just wondering, this is specifically about Cosima and Felix and, like, queer representation in the media. You kind of already got some positive feedback about Cosima, but I’m wondering, like, what other type of feedback you got and if the queer community’s something you keep in mind when creating those characters.

JG: Yeah, um, actually that’s a really interesting question because, from the LGBT community, the reaction to Felix was brilliant. Um, I did receive a couple of little things from the straight community, actually. Where they felt he was a bit of an ugly stereotype. And he—um, he was a bit of a cliche, over the top, blah blah blah…and my response to that has always been this…

JG: So, I feel that Felix…[CROWD BEGINS CLAPPING] I-I just don’t know when, as a society, in television and film it sort of only became okay to represent gay people in, like, the traditional sense. Where they have a great job and well-adjusted parents and maybe a surrogate, or adopted, child. Like, when was that the only way you could represent gay people…

- Jordan Gavaris at the Nerd HQ 2013 "Orphan Black" Conversation
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Never not reblog the see-through t-shirt

How have I never seen the see-through T-shirt?!

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier + trivia

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Eating brunch with Scully pup.

Eating brunch with Scully pup.

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Scully decided my phone charger needed to be chewed up.

Scully decided my phone charger needed to be chewed up.

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Scully is getting big!

Scully is getting big!

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Quick, I’ve suddenly gotten very very into Marvel Movieverse and have a wicked craving for Steve/Bucky. Give it all unTO ME. Preferably post winter soldier feels. Because I need it. 

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